Dental Student Resources

Whether you are looking for school-life balance, information about finances or advice on preparing for the national board exams, ASDA has resources to help you. 
The association provides its members with services, information, education, representation and advocacy. That’s what you’ll find here and throughout the website. Take advantage of these resources to help smooth the journey through dental school.  

Health and Wellness

Dental school can be incredibly stressful. ASDA wants to ensure that all of our members have access to invaluable resources and an understanding of what to do when you’re not doing well. 


A mentor can offer stability, expertise and encouragement — and help you find greater success in dental school and your career. 

Scholarships and Repayment Options

There are various scholarship and repayment programs to help dental students defray the rising cost of dental school. 

Diversity and Inclusion

ASDA offers resources for members who wish to learn more about and promote diversity and inclusion in both dental school and organized dentistry. 

Obtaining Dental Licensure

Licensure is the process whereby a state grants dentists the legal authority to practice dentistry. Each state sets its own licensure requirements. 


Ethics are the foundation upon which the profession of dentistry is based, and dental students must adhere to the highest ethical standards in education and practice. 

Tips for International Dental Students

Applying to dental school as an internationally trained dentist can be a complex and difficult task. ASDA has compiled a range of resources to help you manage the transition.