Cheating on exam, answers on handThe greatest issue facing dental education today is the ethical and professional behavior of its students. Ethics is the foundation upon which the profession of dentistry is based, and due to the integrity of the profession, certain privileges and rights are afforded to us as professionals.

Dental students are entrusted privileges and rights when providing care for patients. Proper stewardship is vital to maintaining these rights. 

ASDA Policy

The ASDA House of Delegates has passed several resolutions focused on ethics, including updating the Code of Ethics, most recently in 2010.

In 2009, ASDA published a White Paper on Ethics and Professionalism in Dental Education. It provides an overview of the state of ethics in dental education. The paper was reviewed in 2012 and continues to be a valuable resource offering solutions. The white paper has been shared with the ADA, state and specialty societies, student dental groups and dental school deans.

In August 2013, ASDA expressed support for the AADB’s guidelines on standards of conduct and ethics for state boards and board members.

Read what ASDA members are writing about ethics:


Ethical Dental Outreach

Providing dental care to underserved populations in the U.S. and abroad is a key element in addressing barriers to care. Dental students have many opportunities to participate in programs that are aligned with ASDA’s policy regarding dental outreach. Read more about ASDA's policy regarding ethical dental outreach