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Personal budgeting and student spending [infographic]
Accountant Megan Mathers answers student-submitted questions on budgeting in this Mouthing Off post. Included is a download for a personal budget worksheet. ASDA's blog, Mouthing Off, regularly features financial posts under the "Money Monday" category.

Risk management for dentists, Mouthing Off, Nov. 27, 2017
Understand the areas in which a dentist may face risk and how to protect yourself. 

The Financially Savvy Student, Contour, March 2017
This issue of Contour has personal finance as its theme and tackles a variety of issues, from budgeting and housing decisions to managing the financial transition in practice. 

Renting versus buying: A dental student's take, Contour, January 2017
Faced with the travails and expenses of dental school, can you take on the challenge of home ownership? This article's author looks at the financial pros and cons of buying a house as compared to renting while in dental school.

A budgeting curveball: financing your job searchASDA News, April 2013 
The often unaccounted for costs of the NBDE Part II, licensure exams and residency/job applications can leave fourth year students in a financial bind.

Funding your dental educationASDA News, October 2012 
As the cost of dental education continues to rise, it becomes more important to find additional sources of funding. This article goes into the four areas of funding: federal, state, university and professional/private.

The costly investment of applying to dental schoolMouth, Summer 2012
Read this breakdown of how much an application, interview and travel can cost.

FAQs for the financially-confounded dental student, Mouth, Summer 2012
Feel lost when it comes to financial decisions? These frequently asked questions with answers and tips can help.

How to budget now, Mouth, Summer 2012
Read these budgeting tips for single students and married couples.

Retirement planning for students, ASDA News, September 2012 
The golden rule of contributing to retirement funds is to start early. Learn about your options and the difference between a 401K, IRA and more.

Renting versus buying while in dental school, ASDA News, August 2012 
Read about the advantages and disadvantages of renting and buying a home during dental school.

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