AHCA ImageIn the summer of 2017, the Affordable Care Act is still in effect due to the Senate’s inability to pass repeal and replace legislation.

The Future of the Affordable Care Act

On July 29, President Trump suggested that the administration may stop making key subsidy payments to insurers known as cost-sharing reductions in an effort to destabilize Obamacare.

On August 2, Congress began bipartisan efforts to improve the ACA. Senator Lama Alexander (R-TN) stated that hearing to strengthen the insurance markets will begin in September.

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What has ASDA done? 

  • On March 28, more than 400 ASDA members lobbied for specific principles to be included in health care reform legislation. Attendees encouraged lawmakers to preserve certain Medicaid benefits that would assure oral health services for children and allow states to preserve adult dental benefits under Medicaid if they choose.