As the connection between oral and systemic health strengthens, it is important for dental students to understand how vaccinations play a critical role in stopping communicable diseases. Dental students and dentists will play a vital role in explaining evidence-based medicine to patients and advocates of the anti-vaccinations movement.

VaccinesASDA’s Policy

ASDA’s I-3 policy supports compliance with the current Center for Disease Control and prevention guidelines for vaccines, recommends that dental schools urge patients to follow CDC guidelines for vaccines, and encourages dental schools to provide patient education on vaccines as a scientifically-proven safe and effective measure of preventing communicable diseases.

Read what ASDA members are saying about vaccinations:

What ASDA Has Done:

During ASDA’s 2020 House of Delegates meeting, the House passed a resolution encouraging compliance with the CDC guidelines on vaccines and urging dental schools to provide patient education on vaccines.

ASDA developed evidence-based talking points to use when discussing vaccinations.