E-cigarettes, vaping, and other smoking alternatives are becoming increasingly popular as a “safer” alternative to traditional tobacco or cigarettes. ASDA believes more research is needed at this time to determine the long-term effects of these products. 

VapingASDA’s Policy

ASDA's I-4 policy discourages the use of tobacco, e-cigarettes, vaping products and alternatives. ASDA encourages federal research agencies to dedicate more resources to better understand the effects of these products on oral health and to develop evidence-based recommendations.

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What ASDA Has Done:

ASDA is a supporting organization of the bipartisan Congressional Caucus to End the Youth Vaping Epidemic, which serves to discuss solutions to protect American youth from the dangers of vaping and nicotine addiction.

In November 2019, ASDA signed onto a letter urging President Trump to finalize guidance on flavored e-cigarettes.