ADA Student Membership

Predoctoral and international dental student members of ASDA also become student members of the ADA and are eligible for the same benefits as dentists – plus more!

The ADA: Helping you succeed throughout your career


The ADA is America’s leading advocate for oral health. It helps dentists succeed and advances the oral health of the public. The ADA represents more than 161,000 active licensed dentist members (including more than 22,000 dental student members). As the collective voice of dentistry, when the ADA stands up to regulations and laws that impede a dentist’s ability to provide care to patients, every dentist benefits.  

The ADA Office of Student Affairs is your go-to for everything ADA related. They can connect you with people and information across the ADA.

ADA Office of Student Affairs
Contact by email
800-621-8099 ext. 7470  

ADA Student Membership Benefits and Resources

Access your member benefits
As an ADA student member, you can access the member-only content on, including ADA publications, the ADA library and archives, the Center for Professional Success and more at ADA for Dental Students.

To log-in: When you visit member only content for the first time, you will be prompted to enter your User Name (this is your ADA member number) and Password. Enter your member number without dashes. You can find your member number on your ADA News or your member card.

For help, visit the ADA Member Service Center, call 800-621-8099 or send an email request for your ADA number.

No-Cost ADA Student Members Disability and Life Insurance, issued by Great-West Financial
As an ADA student member, the ADA offers no-cost life and disability insurance to you, during dental school and residency. You just need to request it, visit Financial Benefits and Savings to learn more.

Read what dentists read
ADA student members receive the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA), ADA News, ADA New Dentist News and can sign up for e-publications and blogs such as the new dentist blog New Dentist Now, JADA+ Scans, ADA Morning Huddle and Dental Practice Success. Read more at

available to predoctoral and international members only

Prepare for Life After Dental School

Licensure help:
Access exam location and an overview of expenses, testing agency membership information and resources for international dentists in the dental examinations and licensure area on Plus, download Understanding Licensure: The Dental Examination Process for the New Graduate.

Mordernizing Licensure:
The ADA is working closely with ASDA and ADEA and over 60 other organizations in the Coalition for Modernizing Dental Licensure. These other organizations include state dental associations, specialty dental associations, dental schools, non-profit organizations and other national organizations whose mission is to ensure patient safety, increase access to care and promote professional mobility by modernizing licensure.

  • Goal #1 -- Achieve adoption of valid and reliable examinations for dental licensure that do not include the use of single encounter, procedure-based examinations on patients
  • Goal #2 -- Achieve portability of dental licensure among all licensing jurisdictions in the United States for the benefit of the public and the profession.

Visit the Coalition’s website, for more information.

Post-graduation planning:
The ADA can help you navigate your dental career options. Visit the Career Options after Dental School page for resources to help you plan your next steps. If you're considering a residency or graduate student program, visit Understanding Advanced Dental Education.

Request a Success Dental Student Program

The ADA offers the Success programs to every dental school, every year at no charge to students or schools. ADA member volunteers present programs that address career opportunities, practice management, working with the dental team and more. Contact the ADA Office of Student Affairs or visit for more information.

ADA Membership After Graduation

There’s a membership option for every graduate. We look forward to supporting you through every stage of your career.

Tripartite Membership (most common)
Tripartite means that you hold membership at the local, state and national levels. If you will be in private practice as an associate, an employee or on your own, in a group practice or clinic, or on the faculty of a dental school, tripartite membership is for you. Contact your state dental society to learn more about your tripartite membership. 

Federal Dental Services Membership (direct membership with ADA)
If you will be in the Army, Air Force, Navy, U.S. Public Health Service, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs or other full-time federal employment, Federal Dental Service (FDS) membership is for you. Tripartite membership is also available in many states. Contact the ADA regarding direct FDS membership

Graduate Student Membership (direct membership with ADA)
If you are going into a post-graduate program, you can join the ADA as a graduate student member for just $0. Once you complete your training, the ADA Reduced Dues Program begins the following year. Tripartite graduate membership may be available in some states. Contact the ADA to learn more about graduate student membership.

Provisional Membership (direct membership with ADA)
Licensed dentists who are relocating or taking time off for any number of reasons are eligible for provisional membership. The ADA also refers to the first full year after dental school graduation as a “Provisional” membership year. This Provisional year is a free membership year at the national level (many state and local dental societies also offer this benefit) and provides access to all ADA resources to support important decisions you’ll be facing as you begin your career. The Provisional year is also referred to as the first year of the ADA’s Reduced Dues Program. As soon as you begin to practice dentistry, be sure to reach out to your state dental society so that you can get the most out of ADA membership on a local level. 

ADA Reduced Dues Program 

If you earned your D.D.S. or D.M.D. in 2020, your year 1 is 2021. Here’s how it works:

  • Year 1: You pay $0 in dues.
  • Year 2: You pay 50% of full national dues.
  • Year 3: You pay 100% of full national dues.

Recent graduates who enter into a graduate or residency training program within the five years following dental school graduation pay the graduate student rate of $0 a year during the program, and are eligible to either begin or resume the Reduced Dues Program schedule upon completion of their training.

Transitioning to Practice
The ADA offers a number of resources to help you plan your transition to practice.
  • Refinance or consolidate your student loans 
    Your ADA membership entitles you to an additional 0.25% rate reduction on low rate student loan refinancing from ADA’s endorsed provider Laurel Road. Free to apply and no obligation to accept. Graduate students and residents also have a special student debt repayment program offered through Laurel Road
  • Get more patients with ADA Find-a-Dentist
    Spend five minutes updating your profile on and help new patients find you. Since the launch of the ADA ad campaign in 2017, the Find-a-Dentist website has seen more than 2 million visits from potential patients. Make sure that when they visit, they see your profile. 
  • Get ahead before you even get started
    The ADA credentialing service, powered by CAQH ProView® is a digital solution that helps streamline the credentialing process. Update your information now on and you’ll be 40% completed by the time you have obtained the rest of your credentials to upload. 
  • Stay up-to-date
    The ADA can help you stay current on the latest dentistry news as well as scientific information through JADA, ADA News, ADA New Dentist News, the New Dentist Now blog, the Center for Evidence-Based Dentistry, and the new PracticeUpdate Clinical Dentistry Channel.
  • Get help finding a job
    ADA Practice Transitions can help you find your ideal job after dental school. Check ADAPT out at  At the online ADA CareerCenter, members can search current job listings from across the country. And state and local dental societies link you to more career opportunities in the state you’re planning to practice.  
  • Build a successful practice 
    Access the ADA Center for Professional Success for resources on dentist employment agreements, ADA Third Party Payer Concierge, ADA Guidelines to Practice Success and Beyond the Mouth Podcast.
  • Safeguard your future with ADA-sponsored members insurance plans
    Life and disability insurance is the cornerstone of a solid financial plan and ADA Members Insurance Programs are designed specifically for dentists. Your ADA student members’ term life insurance will double in value to provide you with enhanced protection. No requalification or paperwork is required for this expanded coverage, but you do have to maintain ADA membership. You’ll have the opportunity to apply for additional insurance, or apply to add optional features to any policy, as your needs evolve.
  • Learn and grow with affordable CE
    Learn the latest through the ADA Annual Meeting and the New Dentist Conference, your state and local dental societies and ADA CE Online. ADA CE Online offers quality continuing education courses to dental students for free with code STUDENT. 
  • Get assistance with licensure questions 
    The ADA is committed to advancing and improving the licensure process and will support you through every step of your licensure experience. Visit for a complete overview.
  • Find personal support with the ADA New Dentist Committee
    The New Dentist Committee is the voice of the new dentist and advises the ADA Board of Trustees on new dentist needs, interests and concerns. Get in touch with your representative today. 
Tip: Login to to update your member profile and access your membership benefits online.