Getting Through Dental School

ASDA's Guide for Predoctoral Students

Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 4.58.24 PMPredoctoral members receive Getting Through Dental School: ASDA’s Guide for Predoctoral Students as a benefit of joining ASDA. If you were recently accepted into dental school and are a current ASDA predental member, you can request a copy of this book by emailing the membership department. This handbook includes helpful information on:

  • Getting Through Dental School
    Learn successful study habits, how to get organized for class and clinic, manage dental school stress and obtain your license.
  • Money Matters
    This section includes a guide on paying off your loans as well as tips for living on a budget while in dental school. 
  • Preparing for the National Board Dental Examination
    Get an overview of Part I and Part II of this test as well as tips and resources for studying for the NBDE.
  • Preparing for Graduation
    Your decisions don’t end when you’re handed a DMD or DDS degree. Where will you practice? Will you specialize? ASDA has resources to guide you through the career decisions you’ll need to make right after graduation.
  • Resources for advanced standing students
    Advanced standing or international dental programs are for dentists trained outside of the U.S. who wish to be licensed here. More than 600 advanced standing students are admitted to dental school each year. ASDA offers resources specific to this group of students.

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